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Rid-A-Tick is a new tick removal system
 for people and pets. 


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No touch, No tweezers needed.

A medical patch that easily removes the entire tick from the 
body in just minutes...the entire tick, head and all.

Can be used to easily remove either Wood Ticks or Black-Legged Ticks  (Ixodes scapularis), 
commonly known as the Deer Tick.


Fighting the Tick-Borne Disease Epidemic

February 2019
Tick-borne infectious diseases are an epidemic on Long Island, 
and Stony Brook Medicine is leading efforts to understand and treat them.
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Ticks In  National Parks Verified

Planning a hiking trip in an eastern U.S. national park?
Better pack tick repellent -- a new study found these parks are home to ticks that carry Lyme disease.

Click here to read the entire article on CBS News.


Ticks that can carry Lyme disease are spreading across U.S.

In the study, experts mapped the distribution of Lyme-disease-carrying ticks 
and found that these ticks are ranging farther north than before, 
and are now living in nearly 50 percent of U.S. counties.

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More than half of Minnesota counties now have tick infestations

Infested Minnesota counties grow from nine to 45.

By Rochelle Olson - Star Tribune - January 21, 2016
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CDC: Lyme disease cases are rising, and expanding across the country

By Melanie Sommer - BringMeTheNews.com - July 15, 2015
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